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Welcome To The Northwest British Classics Website!

We are a small, yet highly disturbed, group of individuals that are dedicated to the nearly impossible task of acquiring, maintaining and enjoying British cars and bikes to their fullest. We respect and admire all makes, models, years and, yes, condition. We serve the Northeastern portion of Washington State & North Idaho, and although the winter months make our hobby somewhat challenging, we do what we can to make up for it during more cooperative weather. Winter is also a good time to invite your fellow members to your garage in the hope of getting your toy up and running for the Spring. (Or at the very least, stare at the problem together.) We invite you to join our sorry lot and share our love (and patience) of all things British on wheels.

Please joins us for BritBull XXVII at Grant Park, in Spokane, WA, on August 11, 2024!

Please use the Entry Form below to get your entries in by early July.

The BritBull Registration Form

For our planned drives and other events, Read a copy of our latest Newsletter.

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Check out Dan's Vollmer's article "Things to Consider When Planning a Drive".

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Our Club History page gives you an idea how we got here.

Check out our Articles Page section for many tech-tips and other meanderings from members real and imagined.

Club Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, etc., will be archived at the Documentation Page.

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